Kids Birthday Parties

Treat yourself and your family and friends to a mind blowing experience! Host your next birthday, or private event at at Parallel worlds South Austin and make a memory for a lifetime.

No matter the age or experience, we've got something amazing for everyone and packages for groups of all sizes.

Our private event package includes:

  • Exclusive use of the entire VR Arena for 2 hours.
  • Introduction to one of the most advanced VR systems in the world.
  • Up to 4 mind blowing VR sessions.
  • Party table .

    Included for parties with guests 18+ (15+ with adult supervision):Private Axe lanes with state of the art interactive targets; loaded with 8 classic Axe games and 6 awesome throwing weapons.
  • A top quality Axe Throwing lesson.
  • For parties with guests under 15, the supervising parents can enjoy private Axe lanes!
    For groups larger than 24, please give us a call for more information.
9900 I-35 Ste M500, 
Austin, TX 78748
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